👩‍💻 Walkthrough Videos

Welcome to the Walkthrough Videos page, your go-to resource for introductory walkthrough videos that provide a quick and comprehensive overview of the various features and modules within our platform. These concise videos are designed to guide you through the key functionalities and demonstrate how to effectively use our platform's features. Organized by modules, you can easily find the relevant video for the specific area you want to explore. Whether you're new to our platform or looking to learn more about specific features, these walkthrough videos offer a visual and step-by-step explanation, enabling you to quickly understand and utilize our platform's capabilities.


Creating Interactive Segments


Campaign Report at a Glance


Managing Image Library

Creating SMS Content

Creating On-Site Content with Visual Editor

Creating In-App Content

Creating Multi Language Content with Rich Text Editor


Creating and Targeting Geofences

On-Site Targeting

Using Drop Condition for Delivery Settings

Creating Flow with Contact Update Node

Data Space

Importing Data

Exporting Data

Shopify Integration

Survey Monkey Integration

Magento Integration

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Integration

Creating Automated Flows

Setting Incremental Logs for Data Export Through Automated Flows

Using API Trigger Node for Automated Flows


Channel and Time Optimization

Revenue Mapping

Suspend / Resume Recurring Campaigns

Creating Send Tags for Customization

Event Definition

Managing Account Details

Setting Black Out Interval to be used as Delivery Settings for Recurring Campaigns

Creating Automation FTP Users

Creating API Users and Assigning Roles & Permissions to them