Can I use links shortened on SMS channels?

Yes, you can use this feature but make sure it is activated in your account. If you don't see the "Shorten and track links" option at the bottom of the SMS Content page, contact your account manager to enable it. Once activated, you'll find the “Shorten and track links” feature at the bottom of the SMS clips. Enabling this feature automatically shortens your links using the short domain provided by Dengage. To view the shortened versions, save the content and navigate to the test screen.Additionally, you're not obligated to use the short domain. You have the option to define a custom short domain for your brand in the balance panel. Simply set up an A record in the Dengage DNS settings for your desired short link domain and contact your account manager for further assistance.

Can I use our own SMS shortened link? How?

Yes, you can use your own SMS shortened link. For this you need to purchase a short link, send this link to us so that we can define it as a short link in the panel.

How can I create sms content?

To create SMS content:

1️⃣ Navigate to Content -> SMS (under Marketing).

2️⃣ Click on +New, name your content, and click Next.

3️⃣ Write your desired SMS message in the message field.

4️⃣ Save the content.

Each SMS is counted as a single message, with 160 characters. However, character count may vary based on emojis or non-ANSI characters.If included in your package, enable "shorten and track links" to track link clicks in your SMS. Dengage's default auto link shortener will be applied, or you can use your own domain by contacting your account team for details.