Can I define my events and easily segment them without filtering tables?

Yes, you can define your events and segment them without the need for table filtering by using the feature "Event Definition". It allows you to define events in a user-friendly way and makes them accessible in the interactive segment, enabling intuitive and straightforward segmentation based on your event definitions.


Here’s the brief description on how it works:

  • Event Definition: Within the settings, you can easily access the "Event Definition" part. This feature functions similarly to table filtering segmentation in the data space segment part but offers a more straightforward interface.
  • Creating Events: Using the Event Definition part, you can define your events. Once you've defined an event, it will be saved and visible in the interactive segment part.
  • Interactive Segment: Users who may not be comfortable with table filtering can access the defined events in the interactive segment part. They can use these predefined events when creating segments.
  • Simplified Segmentation: When using the defined events in the interactive segment, users can work with them within sentence structures. This simplifies the segmentation process and makes it super easy for marketing professionals to create segments based on their event definitions.

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