Where can I find a campaign's reporting?

In order to find campaign’s reporting, go to Campaigns > Fows > One Time or Recurring page. Click on a particular campaign you want to see, click on “Analytics” tab and you will be able to reach the campaign reporting.In the Recurring campaign, you may also check every send report under the “History” tab as well.
Here you may find details about checking the channel reporting as well.

Can I check for monthly performance of my campaigns?

You can find your campaign’s monthly performance in analytics of Campaign reporting. Choose a filter of the last 30 days or manually from the calendar.

How can I track conversion?

you can enable the conversion tracking in the deliverability settings of any particular campaign, once it is enabled, you can see the conversions in the campaign’s analytics

Can I see all my sends' performance within a given time period?

Yes ✔️ . You can see all sends in analytics à Campaign reporting and choose the time period from the calendar.

How does Dengage calculate conversion and revenue?

Dengage calculates conversion and revenue based on events like Delivered, Open, and Click within multichannel marketing campaigns. The choice of conversion tracking criteria (Delivered, Open, Click) is made globally and influences all campaigns. Conversion is attributed to the most recent event, such as Click, Open, or Delivered, depending on the global selection criteria.

How can I obtain detailed reports on campaigns?

To access campaign analytics, head to the Analytics section and select Channel Report.

  • Apply filters for Campaign Type, Campaign, Channel selection, and Tags if necessary. Then, specify your preferred date range and click "Apply". Finally, download the data, which will be sent to your designated email address.

Where can I find channel reporting?

To find channel reporting, you need to navigate to the Analytics section. Then, click on Channel Report and apply filters for Campaign Type, Campaign, Channel selection, and Tags if needed. Specify the desired date range and click the "Apply" button. Afterward, you can proceed to download this data, which will be exported to your official email address.