What is the difference between regular, event and send list tables?

Big data tables are tables where events are collected. These tables can only receive data through SDK and GTM. In a regular table, data can be transferred via API, FTP or remote source. Regular tables need to be connected in the star schema in order to use them in interactive segments. Lastly, the tables where you can import the lists are called sendlist tables.

How to Create a SendTable?

To create a Sendable table, it is necessary to establish a connection between a particular table and the master_contact table by associating one of its columns with the primary key of the corresponding table. Ensure that the selected column is configured to store TEXT type data, and ensure it aligns with a primary key column of TEXT type in the corresponding table.

Is it really important to select primary keys while creating tables?


Yes, the primary key serves to uniquely identify each record within a table.

This functionality not only ensures data accuracy but also enhances query performance and simplifies the management and maintenance of the database in the long run.

How long does Dengage keep data in Tables?

You have the ability to customise retention periods and update options while setting up an Automated Flow from the D·engage Data Space. Here you can specify how long files or data dropped onto the platform should be retained before they are deleted, and also you can define how the data in these files should be processed

(e.g., insert, update, truncate, delete). /sql

How can a data table be deleted ?

To delete an empty table, open the table menu, click the three dots on the right, and select Delete. For tables with data, create a ticket for the DB team to handle deletion.

Can I delete my master contact or master device table? What is the most proper way to delete old data or data that is no longer in use?

🛑 It is not possible to delete Master Contact Table or Master Device Table , but you can the individual records.

Is it possible to eliminate relationships, or can multiple relationships be established with the same table?

Absolutely ✔️, in D-engage, you have the capability to both eliminate existing relationships and establish multiple relationships with the same table.