Suspend / Resume Campaigns

Emergency Panic Button

Emergency Panic Button

The Panic button make it possible for organizations to suspend all outgoing marketing campaigns at once from a single panel. The Emergency Panic Button can only be enabled by Admin users.

Navigate to D·engage platform select Settings > Resume / Suspend Campaign. You will see a list of all the running and scheduled Recurring and One-Time Campaigns.

Select the campaigns you want to suspend and press Suspend Selected Campaigns.



Please note that only Recurring Campaigns can be resumed, One-Time Campaigns cannot be reactivated.

Temporary Account Suspension

Your account will be under-sending suspension and all the account users will be displayed a notification bar informing about the suspension status. Admin users will need to resume campaigns in order to bring the account status back to normal.


Improvement - September 23 Release

Campaign Suspensions - Now Campaign-Specific: Previously, when the system was suspended, it affected all campaigns. With our current structure, suspensions and resumptions are now campaign-specific. In the past, it was impossible to send a new one-time campaign while the system was suspended. But now, suspensions can be applied at the campaign level, allowing you to create new campaigns even when others are suspended.