FTP Users

The Dengage platform supports FTPS (File Transfer Protocol Secure) to allow clients to securely integrate via file transfer protocol.

This feature ensures that data transfers are encrypted and protected, providing a secure method for clients to upload and download files. By utilizing FTPS, Dengage enhances the security of data exchanges, safeguarding sensitive information and maintaining compliance with industry standards. This secure integration method facilitates reliable and efficient data management, ensuring that your information is always protected during transfers.


Where you can use 'FTP Users'

In our Automated Flow module, we have a File Drop option. In order to drop a file to our system, you need a ftp username and password to connect to our FTPS site.

Please refer to Automated Flow File Drop section how to drop a file.

To navigate to the FTP Users page, please refer to the image below.

FTP Users

FTP Users

The main page will display as follows

FTP Users

FTP Users

More than one FTP Users can be added to your account for Security purposes for different departments.

1️⃣ Name: Name of the ftp username. You should use this name as username credential.

2️⃣ Description: Description of what this user is created for or which department for etc.

3️⃣ Active: You can enable / disable this user whenever you want.

How to add a new FTP User

The platform allows to add many FTP Users to connect for a file drop. Please click Add button on the page. 1️⃣ Name: Enter a username. Your account name is added as a prefix to your username.

Create a new FTP User

Create a new FTP User

2️⃣ Description: Enter a description for this user.

3️⃣ Password: Choose your own password or have the system create one for you using Generate Password button. And repeat the same password.

4️⃣ Connection Info: Connection info will be displayed in Connection Info section of the page.

5️⃣ Save: Save to create the ftp user.


IP Restriction Warning

Dengage FTP server forces IP restriction. Please send your IP addresses from where you will connect to our FTPS server to [email protected] address. Without this while-liste creation, you can't connect to our FTPS server even if you have username ad password.