Test Lists

Test lists are pre-prepared collections that you can utilize for testing channel content.

You can create test lists to streamline your content testing efforts. This method saves time and increases efficiency by eliminating the need to repeatedly define test lists for each test.

  • Click on the "Test Lists" under the "Audience".
How to manage a test list

Open Test Lists

The test lists will be displayed with the following columns: Name, Last Edited On, Last Edited By, Created By, Created On

Test lists

Test lists

Add a test list

Within the Test Lists section, locate and select "New" button positioned at the top right corner of the screen.

Upon clicking the "New" button, the system will prompt the user with a form to create a new test list.

Please assign a unique name to your list. The platform will prompt you to find contacts to add to this test list. Under the Audience Selection section, use the search combo to enter emails or contact_keys, and add these contacts to your test list.

Once a contact is added, it will be included in the list as shown below.

Adding a contact to the test list

Adding a contact to the test list

You can remote a contact from this list by simply using Remove button at the end of the row.

Edit a test list

In order to edit a test list, go to listing (homepage) of Test Lists page and simply click on a name of a test list. Edit a list interface will be displayed.

Using this interface;

(1) Delete: You can delete the list forever.

(2) Remove Member: Remove any member from the audience of the list
(3) Rename test list: Rename the test list
(4)Add new contact: Find and add new member to the list.


Don't forget to use Update button

Changes will be only refleced to the database upon clicking 'Update' button.