Blackout Interval

The blackout period is the time frame during which the platform is restricted from sending notifications. Please note that this feature is enabled for only Recurring Campaign Flows.

If you are managing an audience from different time zones, it is clear that your recurring campaign flows will include people from various time zones. You may want to avoid disturbing people while they are sleeping!

With this feature, you can set a blackout time during which people in their time zone do not receive any notifications.

To configure a blackout period, please navigate to D·engage platform select Settings > Campaign Configuration > Blackout Interval.


For your convenience

For your convenience, the platform asks you to specify the earliest and latest times to send notifications. In other words, you are configuring the allowed time to send notifications. Any time outside of these boundaries will be considered blackout time, during which your audience, based on their time zone, will not receive any notifications such as email, SMS, or mobile/web push messages that might disturb them.

Earliest and Latest times to send notifications

Earliest and Latest times to send notifications

1️⃣Sending Earliest Time: This setting allows users to specify the earliest time of day when campaign messages can be sent. It ensures that no messages are dispatched before this time, respecting the defined blackout period.

2️⃣Sending Latest Time: This setting enables users to set the latest time of day when campaign messages can be sent. Messages will not be sent after this time, helping to avoid sending communications during less effective or inconvenient hours.

3️⃣Save: Clicking this option saves the defined blackout interval settings, ensuring that all campaign messages adhere to the specified time constraints.