Campaign Configuration

The "Settings" section on the Dengage platform offers a comprehensive suite of configuration options tailored specifically for managing campaigns. This section is designed to provide users with the flexibility to customize and optimize their campaign strategies effectively. From setting up basic campaign parameters to advanced customization options, users can fine-tune every aspect of their campaigns to align with their marketing objectives, ensuring that they leverage the full potential of the Dengage platform to engage their audience effectively.

To suspend all Campaigns at once / Emergency Button

One of the most critical features of the Dengage platform is the ability to swiftly suspend all campaigns simultaneously in response to emergency situations. This functionality is essential for quickly addressing any urgent issues that may arise, ensuring that all marketing activities can be halted instantly to prevent potential fallout or to make necessary adjustments. This feature is particularly valuable in scenarios where rapid response is crucial to maintain brand integrity and customer trust. Please check Suspend / Resume Campaigns to learn how to do it.