Integration Methods

MMP Enterprise supports REST API's.

Sending/Reporting Transactional Messages

In MMP Enterprise, the type of the message (transactional vs batch) changes the way of sending and reporting. Transactional messages are kept in MMP Enterprise database and report by many different powerful functions.

To send transactional messages, please check

  1. CreateTemplate: Creates a new template. Templates can also be created using Admin Panel. For transactional messages, creating templates using Admin Panel is strongly suggested.
  2. SendTemplate: Sends a template. Call API and pass parameters. The API will merge the parameters with the template and send the message to final destionation.

APIs under Transactional Send.

It is important to know that SendTemplate API saves the parameters and the merged content (the last content sent to the client) to MMP database. You must use SendTemplate function to send the most important and sensitive messages via this API.

To report this type of sendings, please use

  1. ReportByMessageId: Reports by a messages id
  2. ReportMessagesByRecipient: Reports by an recipient
  3. GetEventsByEventLogId: Infinite event log by event log id.

APIs. These APIs are used to gether transactional sends' reports from the database.

Sending/Reporting Batch Messages

Sending million of messages at a high speed is important for big batches of your company. MMP Enterprise approach to batch messages is completyle different from all others.

MMP Enterprise manages batch sendings completely in RabbitMQ Queues and doesn't use any database. That is why MMP Enterprise batch sends are so fast, so flexible with no problems.

To create batch sends,

  1. CreateTemplate: You need a template to create. Please use CreateTemplate function to create your message template.
  2. SendBatch: Call this API to create and put your batch file with a chosen template. The API will put your request to RabbitMQ in which the system will merge your data with the template and produce the final content and send it to the recipients. Batches with millions of records will take minutes to send.

To report such sendings:

  1. GetBatchReport: Call this API to get reports generated by your batch sendings.
  2. GetBatchError: There may be some errors while producing your messages. Call this API to get error reports occured during the process of batch processing.