Authenticate call initiates the authentication process for the client and has to be executed prior to making any other API calls.


Required Username and Password parameters are generated by your System Administrator through D·engage web user interface. Please contact your System Administrator for more information.

Creating an API User through the web UI

Select Account Settings > API User List > New to create a new AI user.


Only your System Administrator can create a new API User through the web UI.

Once your System Administrator creates your User Key / Password, please store it in a secure place since passwords are neither regeneratable nor changeable for security reasons.

Managing API User Permissions

API user permissions can be managed from the same screen. Please view the instructions as shown below:

First Steps

Once you have the authentication token pair, you have to pass them to Login API and get the session of the calling client authenticated first.
After having an authenticated session, the client is now eligible to call any API found under Dataspace, Contacts, Contents, Sends, Transactionals, Settings and Logs.