Integration Methods

MMP Core is an enterprise-grade Message Transfer Agent (MTA) for sending high-volume and mission critical messages. The platform provides unsurpassed reliability in message delivery in a stable SMTP environment with granular connection controls like message throttling, streaming, and more.

Sending Messages

There are 3 different ways to integrate your systems with D·engage MMP Core and send messages:

1. SMTP protocol
2. MMP API (C#, .NET Core or Java)
3. RabbitMQ Integration
  • The first method only supports email sending. A MIME formatted email message is prepared and sent to the engine with any SMTP Client component.

  • MMP API is the self-owned API of the platform. It supports C#, .NET Core and JAVA libraries. Email, SMS and Mobile Push messages can be sent using this method. Additionally, MMP API communicates with the engine through an extended SMTP protocol in order to relay messages.

  • RabbitMQ Integration requires a RabbitMQ installation along with the MMP. It supports all channels including Email, SMS and Mobile Push messaging. This method executes more messages per hour than the first two methods but it requires more IO to send high volume messages per hour.

Receiving Messages

There are 2 different ways to get reports from D·engage MMP Core Engine:

1. Text Files
2. RabbitMQ
  • In the first method, MMP outputs reports to text files on the disk system. Each engine will report outputs to the disk system. If you don’t have a shared disk system, each engine will create local report files on their local disk system. You need to collect reports from all nodes.

  • In the second method, MMP outputs reports to a pre-configured RabbitMQ queue and the applications will receive reports from that queue.