Custom Events

Event Collection for Custom Events

You can use sendDeviceEvent function for sending custom events. Events are sent to a big data table defined in your D·engage account. That table must have relation to the master_device table.
If you set contact_key for that browser. Collected events will be associated for that user.

Note: Please check Event Collection/E-Commerce Events section to send specific e-commerce events to our platform. The example below sends a specific event to a specific custom big data table created on our platform (for instance for a specific need. Please note that D·engage platform is also a CDP!

dengage('sendDeviceEvent', tableName, dataObject, [callback]);

//for example if you have a table named "events"
//and events table has "key", "event_date", "event_name", "product_id" columns
//you just have to send the columns except "key" and "event_date", because those columns sent by the SDK

var eventData = {
  event_name: 'purchase',
  product_id: 12345,
dengage('sendDeviceEvent', 'events', eventData);