InsertBulkContactUnification can be used to add contact_key_old and contact_key_new to the master_contact_unification_lookup table.

This method takes a column list and a contactKeys array. All the data will be processed according to the columns list.

contact_key column in master_contact table is mandatory and unique across all the contacts.
So, for all items in the request body, the contact_key is mandatory parameter.

Apart from the predefined columns in master_contact table, the users are allowed to update their custom columns in this table, provided that the column name/value pair is compatible with the table structure.

Important Note

- You can add 500 record lines in a single call. Otherwise it will get bad request 400.

- If a ContactKeyOld value sent in the previous request is sent in another request, it returns invalid in your request.

- If you send any contactKeys empty, you will see it in invalid request.

- If contactKeys is duplicate, you will see it in invalid request.
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