Configuring MMP Enterprise

Configuring MMP Enterprise introduces several variables like From Address, Reply Addresses, LDAP Integration(optional), RabbitMQ Configuration, Send Pools, Users, Accounts, and lots of permissions.

In the initial phase of the configuration, the items below must be defined before creating a template via API or interface.

From Addresses

These are from name and from addresses which will be used in the company. Admin user can create from names and addresses.

Please go to Configuration > From Addresses page and create from name and from address pairs to use in your email sendings.

Reply Addresses

Reply addresses also must be defined. Please use Configuration > Reply Addresses to create Reply addresses to use in your email sendings.

LDAP Integration

MMP Enterprise login can be integrated with your organization LDAP in order to provide single-signon enviroment.

Please go to Configuration > LDAP page to make the configuration accordingly.

Vmta Pools (Send pools)

Vmta pools are the sending pools MMP Enterprise. They are pre-configured in MMP Core and integrated with MMP Enterprise interface.

There are 2 types of Pools in MMP Enterprise

  1. Direct Connection: MMP Enterprise uses SMTP Connection to send messages. This type of connection is used to send instant messages like OTP SMS messages or password reminder emails!

Pool Definition - Direct Connection

  1. Rabbit Exchange: For batches, RabbitMQ is used for high-scale batch messages like campaigns messages, promotions, etc

Pool Definition - Rabbit Exchange


Users are the central items to create security mechanisms in MMP Enterprise. In order to create a User go to Configuration > Users.

A user can be an admin user. In order to make a user admin just Select Admin User On.

There are 2 types of a user. Panel user is the one to login to the interface. The other type is Api user.

Please disable a user selecting Status field OFF.

Adding a new user


Accounts are the central mechanisms to seperate templates from each other. For instance, HR department may have an different account in MMP enterprise while Campaign Management department have another. MMP Enterprise completely seperates account from each other in terms of all definitions in the system

Creating an account

In order to create an account, please give a unique name to the account. Select allowed pre-defined from/reply addresses. And also select which Vmta pools are enabled for this account. Finally, select Approval Settings - None, One Level Approval, Two Level Approval or System default and save account. You need to set permissions for User for this account.

Adding Users to Accounts

Upon adding new account, please arrange its permissions.

Adding Users via Permissions

Click Actions > Permissions orange button. The windows is below.

Please click New User to add an existing user to this Account. And arrange Permissions one by one.


For an API user, Manage permission authorizes creating templates. Report permission is to get reports via API. Send permission is to send templates / batch files.

For an interface user, Manage permission authorizes to create/update templates. Download permission is to download templates. Report permission is used to get reports via interface. View permission is to view templates.

Test Domains

Please add test domains to limit to send test email messages just to those internal domains so that prevents accidental sends to production addresses.

Email Preview Services

MMP Enterprise integrates with an Inbox Preview service. In order to see how your email templates will look like in desktop/mobile app before you send them, please integrate with service via this interface.


MMP Enterprise has up to 2-level approval mechanism to have templates approved up to 2 users before they put into the production environment. Please go to Configuration > Approval to define System default values. You can override this setting while creating a new account.


MMP Core engines are defined in this section. Only system administrator with D·engage administators configures this at the beginning and rarely changes.