Developer Guide

Before you start

MMP Enterprise provides certain REST API's to integrate:

  1. Create Templates: Templates are the main blocks of the platform. Although you can send your MIME-formatted transactional emails or transactional text messages through APIs, you generally create templates and instanciate these templates through REST API to send your messages.
  2. Send transactional messages: Transactional messages in MMP Enterprise are the messages you send one by one. These messsages usually have priority and should be sent as soon as possible.
  3. Send batches: Batch messages in MMP Enterprise are the messages you sent in bulk. Typical messages for a company are the campaign messages you sent in bulk.
  4. Get reports: MMP Enterprise provides detailed reports for every single messages you send via REST APIs. Please note that reports for transactional messages you sent via Transactional APIs are gathered with different APIs than batch messages.

Please read next section - Integration Methods - very carefully.