Getting Started

At the core of the D·engage platform is the scalable and high available relational database where you can store your data and create N:N relations between them.

Accessing the data does not require navigating a rigid pathway through a tree or hierarchy. Users can import, query and update any table in the database, and combine related tables using special join functions to include relevant data contained in other tables in the results. Results can be filtered based on the content of any column, and any number of columns, allowing users to easily create personalized content. All these functionalities are both provided through the use of the web UI and API.

D·engage Platform relational database is used for contact management, content management and personalization, campaign management, deliverability tracking and advanced analytics. It also enables any kind of third-party data sources to be integrated and activated, thus enriching your existing data and correlating different data pieces together, taking content personalization to a next level.

The following sections will describe the use of D·engage API calls and the relations between them at a high level. For the implementation details of each API function, please refer to the relevant sections.