MMP Core

Multi-Channel Messaging Platform

MMP Core is purely designed to relay high volume messages and report results back in a high-scale manner.

Clients' applications that will be integrated with MMP Core must prepare their own messages in their final format (MIME for email, JSON for Mobile Push tailored for the target recipients) and relay them to MMP Core before MMP Core sends them to their final destinations. Upon sending, MMP Core will create reports message by message so that your applications gets and commits these reports into their own databases.

MMP Core is a pure Application to Application (A2A) messaging platform that can seamlessly integrate with any infrastructure. The platform allows organizations to relay high volume of Email, SMS and Mobile Push messages at high speed and report results back to their existing systems.

It ensures high response rates, zero spam placements. Tracking of the target address behavior, automatically classifying the target audience, automatic processing of Spam Feedback Loops is also available. Built on a horizontally scalable virtual infrastructure, MMP Core has virtually no limits on sending large volumes of messages. Creating virtual agent farms enables you to send and receive millions of messages per hour and scale up as required.