GetTransactionalEmailReport function gets the report of transactional email messages by mainly transactionId or the report of a number of transactional email messages by groupId. Other query parameter options are provided. Please check Request Body Important Notes section.

trackingId and groupIds are generated by SendTransactionalEmail function call.

Important Note
1. When groupId is used, the other query parameters are ignored.
2. When groupId is not set but there is a transactionId in the request, the other query parameters are ignored.
3. Either email (maximum 5 email addresses) or tag parameter (maximum 5 tags) can be used at the same time. if the client sends email and tag query parameters in the same query, email query parameter is used and tag is ignored. If the request is made by either tag or email address, beginTime and endTime are required.
4. Maximum data range (the time gap between beginTime and endTime) is 7 days.

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