🎉 Release Notes | End of Year '23

As the year draws to a close, we are thrilled to present the End of Year '23 Release Notes for D·engage. This latest update encapsulates our unwavering dedication to enhancing your experience with continuous innovations and improvements.

Rooted in your insightful feedback and evolving needs, this release brings a multitude of advancements and fine-tuning to the platform. Our focus has been to streamline your interactions with D·engage, ensuring a more seamless and efficient experience.

In this release, we're thrilled to unveil several groundbreaking features that will transform how you engage with your audience. Firstly, WhatsApp has been added as a new communication channel, offering you a direct and personal way to connect with your users. Secondly, we've introduced predefined segments for delivering fast and accurate campaigns, enhancing your targeting precision and efficiency. Lastly, we're excited to present Inline Personalization and Stories, innovative tools designed to create seamless and captivating On-Site campaigns. These enhancements are set to open up a realm of new possibilities for your engagement strategies, providing you with more tools to reach your audience effectively and creatively.

We invite you to explore these latest updates and discover how they can elevate your engagement strategies. Dive into the End of Year '23 Release Notes and see how D·engage continues to evolve for your success. Let the exploration begin! 🌟📈

🎉 New Features

Expanding Our Communication Channels: Welcome WhatsApp!

We are thrilled to announce a significant enhancement to the D·engage platform with the introduction of WhatsApp as a new communication channel in our latest release. This addition opens up a world of opportunities for more intimate and effective customer engagement. WhatsApp, known for its widespread popularity and ease of use, now integrates seamlessly into your communication strategy, offering a direct and personal avenue to reach your audience.

Embrace the power of this new feature and discover how it can transform your messaging and customer interactions, making every conversation more meaningful and impactful. Dive in and explore the endless possibilities with WhatsApp on D·engage! 🚀💬

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Engage with Tales: Introducing On-Site Stories

Exciting news for our On-Site module users! We're thrilled to introduce our latest feature, Story📖 With Story, you can now create immersive and engaging narratives right within your on-site content. Craft compelling tales, showcase your products or services, or deliver informative content like never before.

Here's what you can do with Story:

  • Visual Storytelling: Add images, videos, and text to create visually stunning and interactive stories.
  • Seamless Integration: Incorporate stories effortlessly into your existing on-site content.
  • User Engagement: Capture your audience's attention and keep them hooked with captivating narratives.
  • Easy Customization: Tailor stories to match your brand's style and message.
  • Analytics: Gain insights into how your audience interacts with your stories for data-driven optimization.

Unleash the power of storytelling with "Story" and elevate your on-site content to new heights. It's time to captivate, inform, and engage like never before!


Our dynamic Story Feature, designed to engage audiences with interactive story sets, is an additional, separately available tool that requires activation. To bring this compelling content feature to your platform, reach out to your account manager or our technical support team for assistance.

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Customize to Connect: Inline Personalization Now Live

We're excited to introduce a game-changing feature to our On-Site module – Inline Personalization 🎯 With this powerful tool at your fingertips, you can now deliver hyper-targeted content that resonates with each visitor individually, creating a more engaging and personalized user experience.

Here's what you can achieve with Inline Personalization:

  • Dynamic Content: Tailor your on-site content based on visitor attributes such as location, behavior, and more.
  • Real-time Updates: Make instant changes to content without the need for complex coding or development.
  • Personalized Recommendations: Present visitors with products, articles, or offers that match their preferences and past interactions.
  • A/B Testing: Optimize your content by running experiments and analyzing the impact of personalization.
  • Enhanced User Engagement: Increase user engagement, click-through rates, and conversions by delivering the right message at the right time.

Unlock the potential of personalized on-site content with "Inline Personalization" and take your digital experiences to the next level. Get ready to wow your audience and see your website's performance soar!


The Inline Personalization feature, an advanced tool for enhancing user experience through tailored content, needs to be activated for use. This feature is available as an additional option. For activation and to explore its full potential, please contact your account manager or our technical support team.

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Fast, Accurate Predefined Segments

We're thrilled to introduce Predefined Segments ⚡ , a major enhancement in our latest update. Designed to accelerate your campaign setup while ensuring pinpoint accuracy, these predefined segments harness advanced analytics to deliver swift and reliable targeting. Say goodbye to cumbersome segment creation processes and hello to a world where speed meets precision, elevating your marketing strategies to new heights.

How to Launch an Instant Campaign Using Predefined Segments

Effortlessly target your audience by utilizing one of our 39 predefined segments. Follow these simple steps to begin:

  1. Access Predefined Segments: Start by navigating to the 'Segments' section on your homepage. Here, you'll find the option for Predefined Segment. Click on this to proceed.
  2. Choose Your Segment: Browse through the list of available predefined segments. Each segment is crafted to cater to specific audience characteristics. Select the one that aligns with your campaign goals.
  3. Initiate Campaign Creation: Once you have chosen your desired segment, click on the 'Create Campaign' button. This action will lead you into the campaign creation process, where you can tailor your campaign to suit the selected segment.

Inbox Previews for Optimized Email Design

Get ready to experience a whole new level of email design optimization with our Inbox Previews. This latest feature provides a crystal-clear view of how your emails will appear across various email clients, ensuring your messages look perfect every time. With this innovative tool, you can confidently fine-tune your designs, knowing that your audience will receive your messages exactly as intended

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Spam Checker for Impeccable Email Delivery

Introducing our Spam Checker 🛡️, a robust addition to ensure your emails reach their intended inboxes, not spam folders. This feature scrutinizes your email content against critical spam filters, offering recommendations to enhance deliverability. Navigate the complexities of email protocols with ease and secure your place in your audience's primary inbox, reinforcing the effectiveness of your email campaigns.

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Comprehensive Realtime On-Site Reporting

Elevate your insight into customer interactions with our Realtime On-Site Reporting. This feature delivers in-depth analytics of your on-site campaigns, providing real-time data to track performance and user engagement. Make informed decisions and adapt your strategies dynamically, leveraging the power of live data to keep your finger on the pulse of your audience's behaviors and preferences.

Insights from Reports

Our reports offer detailed analytics for different content types, helping you understand audience engagement.

Feedback & Subscription Content Insights:

  • Visitor Count: Number of unique devices viewing your content.
  • Display Frequency: Total views the content has received.
  • Submissions: Count of submissions received.
  • Unique Submissions: Number of distinct devices making a submission.
  • Completion Rate: Ratio of Unique Submissions to Visitors, indicating engagement.
  • Survey/NPS Results: Detailed outcomes of surveys or Net Promoter Score ratings.

Additional Insights for Other Content Types:

  • Clicks & Engagement: Tracks total and unique clicks, offering insights into engagement rate.
  • Clicks by Device: Breakdown of clicks segmented by device types, aiding in understanding user interaction patterns.

🚀 Improvements

Typeform Subscription Forms

Embrace the new era of subscriber engagement with our latest addition: Typeform Subscription Forms. Seamlessly integrate engaging forms into your campaigns for an interactive and user-friendly experience

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Customization Tags enabled in Real-Time Campaigns

Enhance the relevance and impact of your real-time campaigns like never before with our new customization tags. Tailor content with precision to resonate more deeply with your audience.

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Selective Exclusion of GA UTM Parameters for Send Nodes

Now, when you enable UTM parameters for your campaign, you have the added flexibility to selectively exclude these parameters for specific sends within your journey flow. This update allows for more tailored tracking and analytics, ensuring that your campaign data aligns perfectly with your unique marketing strategies. This Improvement is available for all channels included your journey flow .

Multiple Recurring Campaigns in Interactive Segment Filter

Elevate your segmentation strategy by adding multiple recurring campaigns as interactive filters. This feature offers a dynamic way to refine your target audience based on their engagement patterns.

Tracking Conversions in Campaign Sends

Our latest update now allows for detailed tracking of conversions among targeted recipients in a campaign send, offering deeper insights into campaign effectiveness.

👉 To access a detailed report of converted unique users, please follow these steps;

  1. Navigate to your desired campaign and locate the 'Campaign Overview Modal' - this can be found on every campaign flow. Click on 'View Report' to proceed.
  2. Within the Send Report, look for the 'Conversions' card. Here, you will see the 'Uniques' value. Click on the number displayed under this section to unveil a detailed report of the unique users who have converted.

Remote Segments as Exclusion Filters

Introducing the flexibility to use remote segments as exclusion filters, enabling more precise targeting and ensuring your campaigns reach the most relevant audience.

Logical Representation in Onsite & In-app Campaigns

Discover a more intuitive way to set up your onsite and in-app campaigns with the new logical representation feature for the 'Where to Show?' option.

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Bulk Pause for Realtime Onsite Campaigns

Efficiency meets control with our bulk pause feature for Realtime Onsite Campaigns, enabling you to swiftly pause multiple campaigns simultaneously.

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SendTransactionalWithFallback - Functional Improvement

Experience the upgraded SendTransactionalWithFallback function, now with improved reliability and performance, ensuring your transactional communications are more effective. When attempting to engage with a contact for whom no token is available, the fallback method is automatically activated. This method ensures that communications still reach the intended recipients through alternative means or channels, maintaining the effectiveness of the outreach despite the absence of a primary token for the contact key.

This approach is designed to ensure consistent communication with your contacts, regardless of the availability of specific tokens.

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Embedding Video Links in On-Site Contents

Elevate your on-site content by adding video links, offering an engaging and multimedia-rich experience to visitors.


Important Note on Embedding Videos

To enrich your content with videos, you will need to embed them using external URLs. Please note that our Image Assets File Directory system currently does not support direct video uploads. Ensure you use reliable and accessible URLs from external sources to seamlessly integrate videos into your content.

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In-App Message Background Customization

Unleash your creativity with our new in-app message background editing feature, allowing for a more personalized and brand-aligned user experience.

Incorporating Realtime Campaign Behaviors in Interactive Segment Filters

Leverage the power of behavior-driven segmentation by including Realtime InApp and OnSite campaign interactions as part of your interactive segment filters.

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🐛 Bug Fixes

  • Incremental Log Time Stamp Error: Fixed an issue where timestamps in log files were not incrementing correctly, ensuring accurate time tracking.
  • Pre-header Bug on Test Sends: Resolved a glitch where pre-header text was not displaying as expected in test email sends.
  • Heat Map for A/B Sends According to Each Variant: Corrected the heat map functionality for A/B test emails, ensuring accurate visual data representation for each variant.
  • Difference Calculation per Node Stats: Addressed a discrepancy in the calculation of node statistics, improving the accuracy of analytics data.
  • Editable From Name in Test Sends: Implemented a fix to allow editing of the 'From Name' in test sends, enhancing customization capabilities. ℹ️ This fix is available for both Marketing & Transactional Sends .
  • Interactive Segment - Infinite Loop Issue: Resolved an issue in interactive segments included same segment as filter that caused infinite loops, ensuring smooth and efficient campaign execution.

🎄❄️ Warm Wishes and Bright Innovations

As we bid farewell to this year, the End of Year '23 Release Notes for D·engage stand as a beacon of our relentless pursuit of innovation and user-centric enhancements. This update, a culmination of dedicated work and insightful user feedback, marks a significant milestone in our journey.

From the welcoming addition of WhatsApp as a new communication channel to the creative realms opened up by Inline Personalization and On-Site Stories, each feature is a gift of growth and opportunity. The introduction of predefined segments and other enhancements are like the bright lights on a holiday tree, illuminating your path to more effective and engaging marketing strategies.

So, as we snuggle into the festive season, we invite you to unwrap these new features and explore their potential to add a sparkle to your engagement efforts. Let's raise a toast to a year filled with achievements and step into the new year with excitement for the stories we'll create together. Happy Holidays and cheers to a joyful, innovative journey ahead! 🎄❄️🌟