Carousel Push

Carousel Push is a notification type which has a different UI than Rich Notification. SDK will handle notification payload and displays UI if it’s a carousel push.


  • iOS 10 or higher
  • Notification Service Extension
  • Notification Content Extension
  • Dengage.Framework.Extensions


1. Install with CocoaPods

pod 'Dengage.Framework.Extensions','1.0.10'

1.1 Create Notification Content Extension

In Xcode create a Notification Content Extension for your applicaiton by selecting menu File > New > Target > Notification Content Extension

1.2 Integration

  • Delete both NotificationViewController and MainInterface.storyboard files from content extension

  • Create a New Group With Folder named Resources

  • Create Folder references both MainInterface.storyboard and CarouselNotificationCell.xibfiles from Dengage.Framework.Extension folder to Resources folder under DengageContentExtension

  • Create Folder refereces for CarouselNotificationCell.swift, DengageNotificationViewController.swift and DengageReceivedMessage.swift

1.3 Configure Info.plist

  • Add UNNotificationExtensionDefaultContentHidden as Boolean type with value YES

  • Change UNNotificationExtensionCategory value as DENGAGE_CAROUSEL_CATEGORY

2. Manual Import to XCode Project.

  • Download from github. Release 1.0.10

  • Add to your project manually.

  • Follow the steps on above